Show 924 – Ag Jobs

The need is great, but the willing are few. We’re talking about jobs in agriculture, especially equipment operators and agriscience educators. Thankfully, there are those who have answered the call — people like Scott Poague who teaches agriscience at Elmore County High School. His students get to learn lifelong skills that are helpful around the house and might even lead to a future career in the ag field.

Mud and muck make the perfect environment for slimy tadpoles and squirmy worms. But they’re also the perfect environment for a popular day camp — Gross Out Camp. The brainchild of Verna Gates, this camp encourages kids to get outside, splash around in creek waters, and discover all the signs of life around them — from living creatures and trees to fossils!

Check out the latest agricultural news and accolades including:

Plus, it’s time to face your fears with the Alabama Farm and Outdoors segment courtesy of Alabama Extension. Wildlife Specialist Wesley Anderson explains the important role snakes play in our environment along with characteristics to look for when trying to identify a type of snake.

What can be better than a big slab of pecan pie? That’s easy… an individual serving that’s deep-fried. Stacey Little of Southern Bite shows you how to make these scrumptious Deep Fried Pecan Pecans, featuring Priester’s Pecans.

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