Show 923 – OYFF Winners the Peeks

Farming is a family tradition. It’s what Brady Peek always wanted to do, even when he was 12 years old and watched his dad get out of farming to focus on an equipment business. By age 16, he was laying the groundwork on family land, and all through college, he balanced school and farm. Now, with wife Anna by his side, their newborn son, Ridgeway, and their dog, Fields, the Peeks have created a farm worthy of being named Alabama’s 2023 Outstanding Young Farm Family.

What mode of transportation do you normally take to church? Likely a car, or if you’re lucky enough to live within walking distance of your place of worship, perhaps you rely on your own two feet. But have you ever boated to Sunday service? That’s how a lot of church-goers get to the Church in the Pines, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a place of worship in a more beautiful, natural setting than this one, along the banks of Lake Martin.

That crisp in the air means seasons are changing, which brings the end of fresh season for some produce and the beginning for others. Check in with Aisling Fields of Sweet Grown Alabama to find out what’s in season in September here in Alabama.

Plus, we’re getting to see how container plants are grown right here in Alabama as we visit with Dillon Turk of Martin’s Nursery in Mobile County. The plants they produce are Sweet Grown Alabama, and they’re one of many farms you can find easily through an online search at

Southern Tomato Gravy is truly a Southern favorite. While it’s traditionally served over biscuits as a breakfast dish, it can also be enjoyed as a sauce with lunch, dinner or Sunday supper. Find out how to make it with Stacey Little of Southern Bite.

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