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Simply Southern TV explores all of Alabama, from barnyards and backroads to metros and highways, to bring you the best stories focused on farming, gardening, forestry, rural living and youth in agriculture. 

Join co-hosts Mary Wilson and Kevin Worthington weekly to learn more about what the great state of Alabama has to offer. Wilson, Worthington and reporter Melissa Bowman bring their own uniquely entertaining storytelling styles to segments in each episode. Plus, recipe developer and food blogger Stacey Little of SouthernBite.com shares simple recipes that are sure to please the family. 

Simply Southern TV is a production of the Alabama Farmers Federation with the Alabama Farmers Cooperative as the show’s major sponsor. 

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24 thoughts on “About the Show

    • Tim Scheidler says:

      I watched your show about Carl Lucas who was caught in a PTO on a augers. You did talk about saftey at the end of your segment but you never commented on the fact that the PTO shaft was missing its guard! The owner of the auger should have fixed it after the accident and your show should have commented on the fact it needed a guard.

  1. Kara Illiano says:

    Could you please ask Bonnie Plants why would cucumbers be yellow? We have a ground garden box. Could it be sun or too much water?

    • mlj816 says:

      Kara – our apologies for letting this slip by us. I’ll send this on to Sidney and see what he has to say.

    • mlj816 says:

      Hi, Kara. Here is Sidney’s response: This could be from a lack of nutrition as well as too much water.

      I hope that’s helpful.

    • mlj816 says:

      Hi, Kara! Thank you so much for submitting this question! I know it took a little while to get around to this, but we did select this question for use in the show. Sidney’s answer will air in Show 612 which broadcasts March 22 on our Alabama stations. We’d love to send a prize pack to you for Sidney using you question for the segment. Please email your address to asksidney@simplysoutherntv.net so we can get your prizes in the mail. Thanks!

  2. Mark Rogers says:

    ve been members since 88. She grew up in Camden and we still have property there. Most of it is timber. She grew up on her dads farm, her brother raises cattle. [She is happiest playing in the dirt. Lots of neat folks in Camden, turkey call makers, knife makers and Black Belt Treasures. BBT has a huge array of local artisans. Quilts, paintings, carvings, books, CDs and pottery. Check it out. While you are there you need to meet “Big Daddy Lawler.

  3. Benjamin Gray says:

    I’m having trouble finding a episode I was in on or around 4 17 I was the lineman who was building the fiber for tombigbee power. climbing the power pole , working out of a bucket truck. could you send me a copy or link to this episode? thank you Benjamin Gray

  4. Andy Carver says:

    I would like to see a segment of Simply Southern done on Julianne Hansen and her Poppy Project.

    Julianne is an artist and makes pottery in downtown Prattville. Each year for Memorial Day, she handmakes thousands of ceramic poppies in honor of American service members.

    Thousands of handmade ceramic poppies are then put on display in Historic Downtown Prattville, Alabama beginning the Sunday evening before Memorial Day and concluding the following Saturday, June 5th. Individuals may sponsor a poppy on behalf of a departed loved one who served in the United States Armed Forces.

    Julianne Hansen’s phone number is – 255/475-6016 (she grew up in Alaska, but married Steve Hansen who was in the Air Force and eventually stationed at Maxwell AFB.


    Andy Carver
    837 Fairwood Dr.
    Prattville AL 36067
    334/365-6976 (landline so voicemail, but no text)
    334/328-5596 (cell so text, but I don’t check voicemails)

  5. Sean Cassidy says:

    Love watching Simply Southern TV!! Oops, Kevin made a slight slip-up when he referred to Smokey Bear as “Smokey the Bear.” Yes it’s a common mistake, but his middle name isn’t “the.” Again, always love watching the Simply Southern show.

    • mlj816 says:

      Hi, Sean! Thank you so much for being a dedicated viewer. And you taught us all something today! I’m going through and correcting that error wherever we have it in print. I’m sure Smokey gets that a LOT! 🙂

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