Show 821 – Jasper Main Street

If you’ve traveled through a downtown in Alabama and been pleasantly surprised by the numbers of thriving businesses, pedestrians and public art, there’s a good chance Main Street Alabama has had something to do with it. It’s a nonprofit organization that encourages public-private partnerships to revitalize downtowns. Jasper is the perfect case-in-point. If you haven’t drive through this working man’s town in a while, you’re definitely going to be surprised to find the restored heart and soul in the city thanks to Jasper Main Street.

Reviving a downtown requires creative ideas from entrepreneurs willing to invest in the mission. The dream of a group of friends, the restaurant Warehouse 319 is just that for the city of Jasper. It provides a spot for people to gather, enjoy a good meal, and build community right there in the city center.

Everyone loves a good farmers market, and the Alabama Farmers Market serves up a long, interesting history along with all its farmers’ wares. Located in Birmingham, its one of the nation’s oldest, farmer-owned markets, and its members have been providing healthy, nutritious food to all kinds of patrons for more than 100 years.

Combine Caesar Salad with Pasta Salad and you get this irresistibly yummy side. Stacey Little of shows you how quickly and easily his Pasta Caesar Salad comes together.

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