Show 803 – 50-Year Preacher

It’s rare for anyone to celebrate a 50-year work anniversary and rarer still for a pastor to celebrate a golden anniversary after serving the same congregation at the same church. Rev. Gary Burton is doing just that this year after preaching his first sermon at Pintlala Baptist Church back in 1972.

Wetumpka, Alabama, recently played host to a gamut of HGTV stars when it was named winner of Home Town Takeover. But 2021 wasn’t the first time stars fell on this part of the state. Long ago, a meteorite crashed into this area, creating a massive impact crater. Thanks to the Wetumpka Impact Crater Commission, visitors can learn a lot more about this phenomenon.

Members of the Alabama Peanut Producers Association know what it takes to grow healthy, nutritious peanuts. Food bloggers know how to transform those tasty legumes into even more delicious desserts and dishes. When you combine those two groups, it’s a learning experience for everyone!

Check out the bloggers who joined this tour:

Plus, we have another Alabama Smart Yards segment where you can learn some tips about starting your garden from seed thanks to Alabama Cooperative Extension System!

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No good Southern breakfast is complete without a nice, thick gravy to slop over biscuits. It’s easy to make a super yummy Sausage Gravy with this recipe from Stacey Little of

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