Show 802 – Alabama Gourd Show

The Alabama Gourd Society‘s annual show is so artistically inspiring, we figured it deserved some prose of its own! Hope you enjoy our meager attempt at poetry.

In north Alabama, this gourd show is an annual event. And it’s a super fun outing, for ladies and gents.

When you walk through the doors, the sights will amaze! Whoever thought gourd art could be such a craze?

Stroll through the vendors to see all their creations, from intricate artwork to pieces with more practical applications.

Smash it, throw it, and break it into a million pieces! We promise you won’t get into trouble at the Birmingham Rage Room where breaking things is the goal. By the end of your time, you’re sure to smile after relieving all that pent-up stress and frustration.

Dairy farmer Will Gilmer of Lamar County answers your questions about his daily work, including:

  1. What diet do cows need to produce great tasting milk?
  2. How do you get organic milk, and is it worth the cost versus regular milk?
  3. Do you ever have to give your cows a bath?

After you see how quick and easy it is to make this popular dish, you won’t be calling for take-out anymore. This Easy General Tso’s Chicken recipe from Southern Bite might just become a weekly favorite for your family. Thanks to the Alabama Poultry & Egg Association for sponsoring this segment!

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