Show 804 – Punta Clara Candy Kitchen

Punta Clara Candy Kitchen is not your grandmother’s kitchen, but it certainly feels like it could be. Learn more about the scrumptious candies and canned goods this family has been creating since 1952.

Foley is a prime example of how vital our country’s railroad system once was. The city pays tribute to this important history with its Foley Railroad Museum & Model Train Exhibit, where it’s fun to learn about locomotives for kids and kids at heart!

As a regional agent with The Alabama Cooperative Extension System and a veterinarian, Landon and Lauren Marks have spent their careers helping farmers succeed. That’s what earned them first place in the Alabama Farmers Federation’s Young Farmers Excellence in Agriculture contest. Plus, the Federation’s Brian Hardin joins us in the studio to talk about other career fields that are vital to the agriculture industry.

With all this cold weather, there’s not better time for comfort food like this recipe for Classic Macaroni and Tomatoes. Get the recipe here from Stacey Little of

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