Show 717 – Aliceville Museum

During World War II, the small town of Aliceville, Alabama, was home to more than 6,000 German prisoners of war. While the POW Camp was dismantled after the war, the Aliceville Museum has an exhibit dedicated to telling the important history of the POWs’ experiences while in camp, and it may surprise you.

Sharon and Tim King endured one of life’s most painful experiences when their daughter passed away at age 12. Motivated by the desire to keep Raleigh’s memory alive, the couple turned their grief into a foster care ministry called Raleigh’s Place. Through camps and a new workmanship initiative, the Kings have made a difference in the lives of thousands of children who found themselves in the foster care system.

With fewer and fewer people growing up on farms, it’s become harder and harder to teach children about what it takes to grow food. But thanks to the Alabama Ag in the Classroom Summer Institute, participating teachers get free resources and lesson plans to help them incorporate farming and agricultural lessons into their curriculum.

Plus, Alabama Cooperative Extension System joins us with another Smart Yards segment focused on the best growing medium for container gardening.

Beef + noodles + slow cooker. It’s an equation for a quick, tasty and healthy dinner for your family! Stacey Little of shares all the steps for this no-fuss, beef-centric dish. Thanks to the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association for making this segment possible.

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