Show 718 – Artist Jessie LaVon

Folk artist Jessie LaVon wasn’t always a professional painter. That career started in the ’90s after she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage that affected her short-term memory. With her childhood memories still vivid in her mind, she started capturing those on canvas after teaching herself how to paint.

A dog is a man’s best friend, but the good doggies that graduate from Service Dogs of Alabama take that title to an entirely new level. These canines are trained to assist with a variety of needs — from picking up dropped items to alerting owners and others about an impending anxiety attack or low glucose levels. Through service and companionship, these dogs are truly life-changers.

Kevin Worthington is out in Greensboro in Hale County with catfish farmer Wallace Drury. He’s answering questions submitted by our viewers, including:

  • How do you make sure you get all of the fish out of the pond?
  • How long, in days or months, do you let them grow before they’re harvested and what is the optimum weight?
  • How many times a day do you have to feed them?
  • What are the greatest challenges you face on a catfish farm?

Speaking of catfish… thanks to our Alabama farmers, you can always find plenty of tasty, healthy U.S. farm-raised catfish to fry up! And if you want a surefire crowd-pleaser, try this Lemon Pepper Fried Catfish recipe from Stacey Little of A big thank you to the Alabama Farmers Federation Catfish Division for making this segment possible!

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