Show 522 – Seven Springs Frontier Days

The chuck wagon was where weary workers and travelers came to get their grub when the Western U.S. was all open prairies and fields. Jim Allen learns how the folks at Seven Spring Lodge have reignited an interest in these old covered wagons by injecting the Southern spirit of competition during Frontier Days in Tuscumbia.

Zelda Sayre was born and reared in Montgomery, where she met and fell in love with a man named F. Scott Fitzgerald. The couple became the icons for a generations, as Zelda claims the crown as the country’s first flapper. Melissa Bowman takes us to the home the Fitzgeralds once lived in that’s now been transformed into a museum with its own Airbnb.

Fred and Sally Smith have spiced things up in Fayette County with their signature hot sauces created from peppers they raise on their farm. Kevin Worthington shares the story of the Smiths and how a brother-sister team is taking the reins of Alabama Sunshine.

Sidney Phelps is back in the studio to answer your questions about growing herbs and vegetables. In this episode, he tackles some of the most common questions including:

  • I’m excited to have strawberries this year. How can I keep the birds from eating them?
  • What’s the best way to keep pesky bugs and pests away from vegetable plants?
  • What’s the best method for deterring squash bugs or getting rid of them once they get a foothold?
  • What are the best veggies and herbs to grow in a confined area like an apartment patio?
  • How can you stop the bottoms of tomatoes from turning black and rotting before they’re fully ready to pick?

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