Show 921 – OYFF Finalists the Henrys

Mitchell and Rebecca Henry are carrying on family traditions. They met at Auburn University, in the same student center where Mitchell’s parents met and Rebecca’s parents met. They’ve named their first son after family members. And they were both raised on farms. Their commitment to continuing the family’s legacy at Hardin Farms earned them second runner-up in the 2023 Outstanding Young Farm Family contest.

Gardening, cooking, composting, sewing and woodworking. While past generations developed these skills during their every day life, current generations may have never gotten a chance to learn how to tackle these tasks. Thankfully, the North Alabama Agriplex is committed to keeping these heritage skills alive. Class participants — both young and young-at-heart — are sure to develop a greater appreciation for these skills as they’re taught to preserve our heritage through agriculture.

Every five years, Congress must reauthorize a farm bill, which includes important funding for nutrition programs and agricultural safety nets. It’s a task Congress must take up this year as the current farm bill expires in September 2023. The Alabama Farmers Federation’s Mitt Walker joins us in the studio to tell us more about what the farm bill does and what farmers hope will happen with the legislation.

Plus, learn how tomatoes are grown as we visit Destiny Allman Gladden of Allman Farms and Orchards in Oneonta. They’re one of many farms you can find easily through an online search at

We know, we know… you don’t feel like you need a recipe for garlic bread. But, trust us. This recipe is simple and it really produces the BEST Garlic Bread. Learn the steps from Stacey Little of

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