Show 915 – Rural Health Clinic

Living in a rural area has its benefits, but access to quick, quality healthcare isn’t usually one of them. In Chambers County, a group of concerned citizens partnered with numerous organizations and developed this problem. Learn more about the high-tech, telemedicine OnMed Station that’s now located inside the Chambers County Community Health and Wellness Center.

If Robin Hood was forced to leave Sherwood Forest, he’d feel right at home in Brierfield Ironworks State Park… that is, as long as he stopped by during one of the four times each year that the Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen hosts events there. Members of this group are passionate about preserving traditional archery, and even without modern sights or rangefinders, this group is right on target!

The Environmental Stewardship Award has been around for decades, but Alabama never has had a winner… until now. Will and Monnie Carol Carter, who run Carter Cattle Company in Pintlala in Montgomery County, are the first Alabamians to bring home this coveted award from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Enjoy learning more about their farm and how their work earned this distinguished honor.

Plus, we’re taking you to the farm of Sweet Grown Alabama member Mike Reeves. He’ll tell you all about what it takes to grow peaches at Reeves Farm in Morgan County.

Egg Salad — while it’s a perfect April menu item for Easter or Master’s weekend, it can be a fantastic, simple lunch any time of year. Stacey Little of shows you the best way to make this Southern staple. And thanks to the Alabama Poultry & Egg Association for making this segment possible.

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