Show 902 – Weevil Way

Real boll weevils are bad business, but the town of Enterprise has grown to love and honor these pests… as long as they’re in fiberglass form. Weevil Way is a new public art display featuring whimsical weevils whose designs are often inspired by the businesses where they’re installed.

How did your daily life change during the early days of the pandemic? For Montgomery’s Consuelo Bradley, the pandemic forced her out of work. As therapy, she started gardening. Her new hobby has now become her calling, and it’s one of the ways she’s helping others, especially those in the Newtown Community.

Even in the heart of winter, there are plenty of farm fresh products available for you to enjoy during every meal of the day. Sweet Grown Alabama’s Aisling Fields joins us in the studio to talk about fresh produce and other products you can buy directly from farmers or at year-round farmers markets. Plus, enjoy a new Sweet Grown Alabama feature where you’ll learn what it takes to grow broccoli from John Aplin of Aplin Farms in Geneva County.

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Even the pickiest young eaters usually love chicken tenders. In favor of fast food or frozen versions, try this simple homemade version from Southern Bite. Crushed Saltines provide a perfectly crunchy crust on these delicious tenders. And thanks to the Alabama Poultry & Egg Association for making this segment possible.

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