Show 817 – Toomer’s Coffee

Coffee from Toomer’s Coffee Shop and Roastery in Opelika can be found in all 50 U.S. states. Aside from a seasonal helper or two, owners Sandy and Trish Toomer are the two who handle all the work — mixing and roasting beans; packaging; and shipping! (And no… even though their businesses are near each other, there’s no relation between them and the original family behind Toomer’s Drugs in Auburn.)

Greg and Ana Kelly used to work in the corporate world. Now, their office is pastureland and their coworkers are sheep that produce milk for Dayspring Dairy. A true farmstead business, everything happens on the farm. It’s where the sheep are milked, where the milk is processed into super tasty cheeses and caramel sauces, and where those products are sold.

Conserving natural resources is a necessity for farmers and forest landowners. Bullock County’s Brian Agnew explains how he can work the land while still preserving it during this special Down to Earth-inspired Ask A Farmer segment. Find out more about the Down to Earth: Agriculture Sustains Alabama public education campaign at

When you need to get supper on the table in a hurry, there’s no better timesaver than a sheet pan meal. Plus, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes turns the healthy rating on this meal up to a 10. It’s a flavor everyone at the table will love. Try out this Sheet Pan Brown Sugar Garlic Pork Loin Filet from Stacey Little of And thanks to the Alabama Farmers Federation Pork Division for sponsoring this segment!

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