Show 809 – GulfQuest

Pirates, hundreds of shipwrecks, enemy submarines and massive hurricanes — you might not realize it, but all these things have happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Learn these amazing stories and many more at GulfQuest in Mobile.

Glamping, or glamorous camping, allows you to enjoy all the benefits of being out in mother nature while staying in a tent with five-star amenitites. In Alabama, The Destination Resort off Lake Martin is the place to exeprience this trend.

Living off the land was once a fact of life. Nowadays, many folks dream of leaving the corporate grind for a simpler life on the farm. About 15 years ago, the Stephensons decided to pursue that dream of providing for their family of 10 by growing nearly everything they eat. The result is One Accord Farm.

Plus, we have another Alabama Smart Yards, thanks to Alabama Cooperative Extension System! Why is a phone one of the tools you should use when it comes to gardening? Because of the Master Gardener helpline, of course!

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We all love that moment sometime in mid-May when we see fresh, local peaches making their appearance at farmers markets and grocery stores. Until then, grab some of those canned peaches from last season and bake up this recipe for Mom’s Peach Cobbler from Southern Bite.

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