Sneak Peek At Simply Southern’s Season 8!

The new year brings with it a new season of Simply Southern TV, and we’re thrilled to continue bringing you quality content that highlights the best stories our state has to offer. Our roots are in agriculture, which means you’ll learn about farming and our state’s wonderful farmers in every episode. Plus, we’ll take you to tourist attractions — both well-known and obscure — and share stories about entrepreneurs and community servants.

New Gardening Segments

If you’re a dedicated viewer, then you know we started a new partnership with Alabama Cooperative Extension System last year. They’ve been providing us with two-minute gardening segments called Alabama Smart Yards. Be on the lookout for new segments all through this season! And if you want to become an expert gardener, you can find all the Alabama Smart Yard features by clicking here.

Award-winning Rural Dictionary Continues

Last year, we started a new segment — Rural Dictionary featuring Alabama Ag in the Classroom’s Kim Earwood. It’s been a huge hit! As an educational tool, this segment won Judges’ Choice for all entries in the Public Relations Council of Alabama contest. We’ve freshened up the graphics for Rural Dictionary, and we’re bringing you all new segments in 2021, so you can keep learning more farm terms! Click here for all our Rural Dictionary segments.

Your Input Welcome — Ask A Farmer

One of the best parts of Simply Southern is involvement from our viewers. Every year, with our Ask A Farmer segments, we take your agriculture questions straight to farmers to learn about modern-day farm life and work. This year is no different, and we need your help! Specifically, this year, we plan to focus on agriculture and the environment, and we need your questions! Leave a comment on this blog post with your questions about: how farming impacts carbon emissions, how current production levels have impacted the environment and ways farmers use technology. If we use your question for Ask A Farmer, we’ll send you a prize pack!

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