Show 721 – Butterfly Farmer

As a boy, Jim Brady took the two family mules from their old farm to the new farm where he grew up in a two-room Have you ever walked through a butterfly house, like the Purdy Butterfly House at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens? And while you’re there, have you ever wondered where all those butterflies come from? Well, they’re actually raised by farmers like John Wahl of Limestone County.

Charles Lee isn’t one to deny having a troubled past. But, as an adult, he found a new sense of purpose and started dreaming big. He opened his own business — a hot dog cart. Funds from those hot dogs allowed him to create his own nonprofit called That’s My Child, and it’s helping children and teenagers create brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Marshall County poultry farmer Corey Hill explains more about modern-day poultry farming by answering questions submitted by our viewers, including:

  • Are chickens fed hormones?
  • Do you let your chickens wander and eat off the land?
  • How important is the poultry industry to the state of Alabama?

During summer, you can always find lots of yellow squash down here in the South — whether you grow it yourself or buy it from a local farm stand or market. Stacey Little of Southern Bite shares his recipe for Old School Squash and Onions, and it’s the perfect way to prepare this summertime favorite veggie.

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