Rewind with RFD – Show 602

Horses are an important part of Alabama’s agricultural economy, but folks are interested in a different kind of horsepower when they visit the Mustang Museum of America.

Way back before Alabama was a state, the Choctaw and Creek Indian tribes living in present-day Clarke County had a dispute about the boundary of their territories. Rather than start a true battle, the tribes decided to settle the dispute on the field with a game of stickball. The citizens of Thomasville paid tribute to this historic game last year during Homecoming at the Boundary, an official Alabama Bicentennial event.

Who doesn’t love a good meal of fried catfish? But did you know that U.S. farm-raised catfish can make a tasty meal without being battered and fried? That’s what culinary arts students across the state are learning as they develop new recipes in the Catfish Culinary Challenge sponsored by the Alabama Catfish Producers, a division of the Alabama Farmers Federation. The only catch? No frying allowed.

You’re accustomed to seeing Bonnie Plants on the shelves of your local garden center. But what is it that truly makes a Bonnie Plant special? Sidney Phelps says it starts with the company’s 100+ years of experience in the business.

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