Rewind with RFD – Show 522

In Show 522, Jim Allen lassos some fun at the Seven Springs Frontier Days. Melissa Bowman learns about legendary literary couple F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald at the Fitzgerald Museum. See if Kevin Worthington can stand the heat at Alabama Sunshine, a pepper farm and hot sauce company.

Plus Sidney Phelps is in the studio to answer questions some of the most commonly asked questions including:

  • I’m excited to have strawberries this year. How can I keep birds from eating them?
  • What’s the best way to keep pesky bugs and pests away from vegetable plants?
  • What’s the best method for deterring squash bugs or getting rid of them once they get a foothold?
  • What are the best veggies and herbs to grow in a confined area like an apartment patio?
  • My tomatoes turn black on the bottom and start rotting before they’re fully ready to pick. What can she do to stop that?

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