Show 608 – Junkyard Bots

While these fanciful creations aren’t technically robots, Junkyard Bots certainly look like they could come to life with one bolt of electrcity. Jim Allen travels to Jefferson County to meet artist Diana Vest and her Great Dane, Deacon, who will soon star in a series of children’s books.

Bellingrath Gardens and Home offer repose in a beautiful and serene landscape along the Fowl River in Mobile County. While the majority of tourists visit during the holidays for the Magic Christmas in Lights displays, the gardens offer beautiful colors and blooms 52 weeks of the year. Mary Wilson explored the grounds during the cascading chrysanthemums show, which happens every November.

We know you have questions about farming and agriculture, so we’re taking those straight to the field. Kevin Worthington stops in at Backyard Orchards in Barbour County where farmer Allie Logan answers questions including:

  • What is the average yield per pumpkin vine?
  • Are pumpkins grown on a large scale in Alabama?
  • How do farmers determine what they’ll grow each year?
  • What are the biggest expenses you have to pay for each year?

Who doesn’t like a good steak dinner? In this cooking segment, Sidney shows you how to make a rosemary-and-garlic-infused olive oil, which you can use for a perfectly flavorful, seared-rare steak.

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