Show 521 – BeachFlight

In the past five seasons of this show, Jim Allen has jumped out of a plane, been attacked by a police dog-in-training and was shot at during a Wild West Show in Old Town. Ever the thrill-seeker, in this episode, Jim hops in a gyrocopter for breathtaking views of the emerald waters and sugar white sands of Alabama’s coastline. These views are brought to you by the pilots of BeachFlight Aviation.

Lucy Moore learned crafting at a young age, and after a short career in teaching, crafts became her life. From her shop in Anniston, Lucy creates patterns, sews and stuffs all kinds of stuffed animals. She and her three employees at Lucy’s Toys can make anything from an aardvark to a zebra to a jumping mouse!

Air conditioning in poultry houses ensures chickens stay comfortable during the squelching heat of Alabama summers, but it can also lead to high power bills for farmers. At one Cullman County farms, researchers are discovering poultry farmers may be able offset those costs by generating their own solar power.

Gardening usually requires a lot of time spent outdoors. But Sidney Phelps shows you have you can use the Miracle Grow 12 hydroponic system that allows you to grow vegetables indoors year-round. This unit is best for leafy greens such as chards, kale, lettuce or herbs.

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