Show 813 – Fungi Farm

Mushrooms are growing in popularity, and if you want to grow your our mushrooms, Fungi Farm in Dadeville has everything you need. Founded and owned by Allen Carroll, Fungi Farm produces ready-to-fruit bags, which are sold wholesale to farmers and retail to individuals. Plus, Allen is leading the charge in mushroom education through creating the required certification process for folks who want to forage for and sell wild mushrooms.

Barb Sullivan knows what it takes to create works of art that are a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds. Barb’s Cakes are in high demand, and her clients are always amazed at her ability to bring their ideas into reality using flour, butter and sugar.

During the Alabama Farmers Federation‘s Washington Legislative Conference, country comes to the Capitol as nearly 100 farmers visit Washington, D.C. The event took place in March with COVID-19, the conflict in Ukraine and inflation serving as major topics of conversation as farmers met with elected representatives and government officials.

Plus, we have another Alabama Smart Yards, thanks to Alabama Cooperative Extension System! It’s important to do an annual check on your yard’s irrigation system. If you find problems, agent Brian Brown can help as he walks you through simple repairs for irrigation spray heads.

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Do you love okra or no? Even if it’s not your favorite vegetable, you’re gonna want to try this recipe from Okra has a reputation for being slimy, but Stacey Little has found the perfect slime-away trick — roasting! Plus, the creamy lemon dressing is the perfect, easy-to-make, complimentary condiment. And thanks to Sweet Grown Alabama for sponsoring this segment. To find locally grown okra near you, be sure to visit

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