Show 713 – Ain’t in Alabama

We’re wrapping up the first half of season 7 with this special episode featuring large-scale agricultural commodities that Ain’t in Alabama!

While you’ll still find some farm folks in Alabama who raise a little sugarcane, it’s not grown on a large scale. To see that, you have to head West to places like Texas. Thanks to our friends over at Texas Farm Bureau for sharing this story with us.

Hops are an important ingredient in beer. With greater interest in local breweries, and even home brewing, the demand for hops has increased, too. Up in Illinois, farmers are starting to get the hang of growing this unique crop. Thanks to our friends at Illinois Farm Bureau for this feature story.

While Alabama is home to 97 species of crawfish — more than any other state or province in North America — we don’t farm the crustaceans on a large scale here. Louisiana holds the U.S. title for producing the most crawfish raised for consumption. Learn more about this type of aquaculture from our friends at Louisiana Farm Bureau and their TV show, This Week In Louisiana Agriculture.

Plus, to wrap up our Ain’t in Alabama portion of the show, Alabama Farmers Federation President Jimmy Parnell explains the importance of the organization’s affiliation with American Farm Bureau Federation.

A few things you can definitely find growing in Alabama: tomatoes, cucumbers and onions. Stacey Little of has the perfect recipe to combine these garden favorites into a tasty salad. It’s quick and easy side dish that’s sure to please.

Thanks to Sweet Grown Alabama for sponsoring the broadcast of this recipe segment. Be sure to check to find farmers near you who sell items direct to consumers – from vegetables and fruits to honey, beef and flowers!

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