Show 708 – Longleaf Wood Shop

There is something so satisfying about woodworking – from the smell of sawdust in the shop to putting the last coat of finish on a piece you created with your own two hands. That’s the appeal that has drawn hundreds of people to visit Longleaf Wood Shop off Wetumpka Highway in Montgomery in the past year.

Co-owned by couple Neill and Sylvia Thompson, the wood shop hosts numerous special events and classes. But Neill also creates custom pieces and sells cut lumber. Plus, they offer memberships to the wood shop. Neill says it’s similar to having a gym membership – you pay a monthly fee and then get access to using all the tools available at the shop.

If you can’t make it to Africa to go on safari, just travel to Hope Hull instead. There, you’ll find Alabama Safari Park. Covering 350 acres, the park is home to hundreds of animals you wouldn’t typically find roaming the fields of central Alabama.

The experience starts with the drive-thru safari where big, land-roaming animals get their chance to shine. They’ll even come up to greet visitors who enjoy feeding and petting animals from the safety of their sedans, SUVs and trucks. And don’t forget the park’s other attractions, including the bird aviary, Alabama Outback and lemur island.

We’ve all learned from Smokey Bear that only YOU can prevent forest fires. But Alabama foresters also know that sometimes it takes fire to prevent fire. That’s why prescribed burns are often used by landowners to help manage their forests. Thanks to the Alabama Forestry Association for welcoming our co-host Kevin Worthington to this event!

Plus, William Green of the Alabama Farmers Federation and Alabama TREASURE Forest Association discusses the benefits of prescribed burns in more detail during our interview segment.

A wafflemaker is a wonderful machine to have handy in your kitchen arsenal. And it can do so much more than just make waffles. In fact, they’re the perfect cooking tool to make savory breakfast sandwiches with ham, egg and cheese. Stacey Little of Southern Bite calls them wafflewiches, and after you watch this segment, we’re confident these will become a family favorite! Thanks to Alabama Poultry & Egg Association for sponsoring this recipe segment!

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