Show 705 – MGM Greens

Lots of restaurants tout the fresh ingredients they use for their dishes, but it would be tough to beat the freshness of MGM Greens — two Freight Farms in downtown Montgomery. They’re located in the loading dock directly behind Vintage Year and across the street from Vintage Cafe, both restaurants in the Vintage Hospitality Group. Produce grown inside MGM Greens graces plates at the two eateries daily. The new farm endeavor is part of the reason Vintage Hospitality Group joined as a member of Sweet Grown Alabama.

Rockets run on fuel. Lots of people run on caffeine. In the Alabama’s Rocket City, you’ll find a growing coffee scene with numerous hot spots in downtown Huntsville. They’re all featured on a new Craft Coffee Trail. Enjoy specialties at each of the 8 locations and find a new hot (or cold) favorite drink!

While Alabama agriculture may be best known for row crops, cattle and pine trees, farmers in the state also produce plenty of sweet potatoes! You’ll find the largest crops in Baldwin and Cullman counties. They’re a labor intensive crop that requires ample cooler space so the tasty tubers can be stored and shipped year-round. Learn more about what it takes to grow sweet potatoes as Kevin Worthington visits with Baldwin County’s Joel Sirmon.

Plus, we visit with Sweet Grown Alabama Director Ellie Watson in the studio to learn more about the benefits of supporting local farmers in our state. For more info on finding locally grown products in your area, visit

After a long day at work or taking care of children, it’s always nice to let a slow cooker take on the task of making dinner. Stacey Little of Southern Bite shares a scrumptious recipe for homemade spaghetti sauce, and the slow cooker does all the work! Just add noodles. Thanks to the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association for sponsoring this recipe.

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2 thoughts on “Show 705 – MGM Greens

  1. Rita Boutwell says:

    I enjoy your program and saw your program about sweet potatoes in Alabama. Watching the
    workers harvest the sweet potatoes gave me a sense of concern. It is such fast paced, grueling work, how often do those workers get breaks to rest their backs? Just wondering….

    • mlj816 says:

      Hey, Rita. Thank you so much for watching the show! The federal requirements for breaks and lunches through the Department of Labor also apply to H2A workers. Another thing to note – a lot of farmers who rely on H2A labor have the same guys (and gals) come back year after year. They truly develop relationships and are like family. Our farmers wouldn’t be able to do what they do without them, so everybody works to make sure they have the breaks they need to stay happy and healthy. We appreciate you reaching out!

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