Show 702 – Trips4Trade

We’re back this week with another new show!

Slade Johnston’s grandfather instilled in him a love for hunting and fishing. They had an agreement that they’d work on Slade’s Grand Slam — which is harvesting the four subspecies of turkey in the U.S. — once Slade got to college.

Unfortunately, as a college freshman, Slade’s grandfather passed away. But he did go on to complete his Grand Slam, and along the way created a business called Trips4Trade. It’s an online experience and vacation swapping platform where members can trade for trips in four categories: outdoors, adventure, vacation and sports. While Trips4Trade is a successful business, it’s also a fitting tribute to the man who taught Slade how to be an outdoorsman.

Subscription boxes are all the rage. They exist for all kinds of items — from clothing and makeup to speciality pet products and even craft supplies.

When Angi Horn Stalnaker noticed local, small businesses struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic, she came up with a solution by putting her own spin on the subscription box fad. It’s called Bama in a Box. Subscribers receive one box every month that includes five to seven Alabama-made products. And don’t worry about receiving repetitious items – Angie has identified so many Alabama-made products that she can create 7 years worth of unique boxes.

Alabama farmers plant around 300,000 acres of corn every year, and for the most part, they have to sell it for whatever price the commodity market sets. However, there is a growing direct sales market for corn — hunters. A roadside ice machine provided inspiration for the entrepreneurial pair behind Maize Kraize. They’re essentially corn vending machines, which makes it possible for other farmers, hunters or wildlife enthusiasts to buy corn whenever they want. Farmers can buy the machines, and they’re responsible for keeping their machine filled with corn. But the other benefit — the farmer gets to set the price.

Plus, we talk hunting with the Alabama Farmers Federation‘s Wildlife Division Director William Green.

Stacey Little of Southern Bite is back with an irresistibly sweet and salty recipe for Praline Bacon! Maybe you didn’t think you could make bacon any better than it already is. But we challenge you to try this one out and see if it changes your mind. Thanks to the Alabama Pork Checkoff for sponsoring this week’s recipe!

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