Search Is On For Bama’s Best Pizza

Of all the foods in the world, is there one more versatile and comforting than the noble, yet unassuming pizza pie? I dare say, “No.”

Whether deep dish, thin, or some width in between, the crust can carry any assortment of meat, vegetables… even fruit! (Yes, I’m one of those who enjoys pineapple on my pizza every now and then.) Plus, all that golden-baked, ooey-gooey, cheesy goodness. And don’t forget the sauce — that can easily make or break the meal. Pizza is a tasty union of all the major food groups and lots of commodities our farmers grow!

At Simply Southern, we enjoy finding and sharing the best food in the state. (Don’t believe us? Check out Bama’s Best Milkshake, Biscuit, Peanut Butter Dessert, Fried Chicken and Breakfast.) We took the inspiration from our presenting sponsor, Alabama Farmers Federation, which has crowed Bama’s Best Pulled Pork, Bama’s Best Peach Cobbler, Bama’s Best Catfish and Bama’s Best Pork Ribs.

Now, we’re ready to find Bama’s Best Pizza! But we definitely need your help!

Nominations are open today through Jan. 11. To nominate, comment on the post announcing the contest at We need the name of the restaurant AND the location. To keep with our goal of promoting Alabama-based businesses, national chains will not be eligible. However, a specific location of an Alabama-based chain will be eligible to compete.

From those nominations, we’ll determine an Edible Eight that will vie against each other in a bracket challenge. (Can you tell a basketball nut came up with this idea?)

So, if your favorite pizza place makes it into the Edible Eight, you’ll need to visit to vote and ensure your favorite makes it to the next round… The Flavorful Four! Daily Edible Eights matchups will be posted Jan. 18-21.

Judges will visit each Flavorful Four finalist — and the winner will be announced in early February. Along with bragging rights, the winning restaurant will receive a plaque and cash prize and will be featured in the Alabama Farmers Federation’s Neighbors magazine as well as right here on Simply Southern!

Have I made your head spin with all those instructions? Here’s the easy-to-digest (ha!) low-down.

Contest Schedule:

  • Dec. 28: Nomination period opens at
  • Jan. 11: Nominations close
  • Jan. 18-21: Daily head-to-head matchups for the Edible Eight at
  • Late January: Judges visit Flavorful Four to determine a winner
  • Early February: Winner announced

And a HUGE thank you goes to our contest sponsors – Alabama Dairy Producers and Alabama Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. These groups represent farmers who grow and produce products that are absolutely essential for concocting the perfect pizza. And for that we are eternally grateful!

-Mary Wilson

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