Show 625 – Best of Community

When a need arises, Alabamians stand together. It’s that sense of community spirit that we spotlight in this episode.

Starts at 2:31 – In Alabama, we like to boast about our pristine, white sandy beaches, and for good reason! But those beaches wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful if it weren’t for the effort of thousands of volunteers who roll up their sleeves and take out the trash during the annual Alabama Coastal Cleanup event.

Starts at 9:08 – Childhood is a time that should be filled with magical moments and memories. Unfortunately, when illness strikes, a child starts piling up memories of doctor’s visits and hospital stays instead of soccer games and shopping sprees. That’s where the organization Magic Moments steps in. The group’s volunteers help grant wishes for Alabama children suffering from debilitating, chronic, or life-threatening illnesses. Special events, such as clay shoots, ensure Magic Moments has the funding it needs to make a difference for kids and their families.

Starts at 15:54 – Flagg Mountain is Alabama’s second-highest point. It’s home to a fire tower built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back in the 1930s. It was once a critical tool for helping fight forest fires. After decades of neglect, the Alabama Forestry Commission partnered with other organizations to restore and revitalize the building with hopes of turning it into a special destination for hikers.

Starts at 22:45 – When faced with a disheartening diagnosis, most folks don’t take a literal approach to fighting a debilitating disease. But that’s the exact plan of action for Rock Steady Boxing, a program designed to help patients give the one-two punch to Parkinson’s disease.

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