Show 623 – Best of Food

Without farmers, we wouldn’t be able to eat. Without these four food processors, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of Alabama’s best products!

Starts at 2:27 – For a proper breakfast of hot buttered biscuits, Southerners want to see a side of cane syrup by their plate. Down at Todd Farm in Henry County, the family is involved in every step in the cane-syrup-makin’ process — from raising the cane to bottling the finished sweet treat. One taste, and you’ll surely be sopping up every drip of Todd Syrup off your plate.

Starts at 9:10 – One of the best ways to enjoy a mix of flour, sugar and butter is in the form of a cookie. In Alabama, Bud’s Best Cookies has perfected the process of creating scrumptious bite-sized treats that are sure to make you smile.

Starts at 16:19 – Still need something more to satisfy your sweet tooth? How about seven intimidating layers of golden, fluffy cake with rich, creamy, chocolaty icing? For more than a quarter of a century, Dean’s Cake House has served up 13 varieties of delicious, homemade desserts, including Dean Jacobs’s trademark seven-layer cakes.

Starts at 22:54 – As you come down off that sugar high of syrup, cookies, and cakes, how about we spice things up? In the small town of Fayette, brother-sister business owners David Smith and Julie Madison grow and harvest hot peppers during the scorching Alabama summers. Those peppers become the tasty hot sauces, jams, jellies and BBQ sauces bottled under the label Alabama Sunshine.

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