Show 622 – Best of Unique Farms

Cows, chickens, horses. Cotton, peanuts, soybeans and corn. Those are the usual suspects you’d expect to find on a farm in Alabama. But today’s featured farms are slightly more specialized.

Starts at 2:35 – To start, we’re heading the Gulf of Mexico for an underwater operation where you’ll find farm-raised oysters. It’s a relatively new type of farming, and they’re perfecting the trade at Murder Point Oysters in Mobile County.

Starts at 8:58 – Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel are all grape varieties that are most well-known for the wine they produce. Down here in Alabama, the muscadine is our go-to for local wine. The Watkins family of Tallapoosa County got into the wine-making business after they increased their vineyard size from 25 muscadine vines to 2,500 vines! The result is Whippoorwill Vineyards, a true agritourism destination.

Starts at 15:17 – Who says turkey, dressing and all the fixin’s has to be reserved for Thanksgiving Day? The folks over at Bates House of Turkey encourage folks to enjoy that late-November favorite all year-round. A favorite for hungry tourists heading toward Alabama’s beaches, Bates House of Turkey got its start as an offshoot of the family’s turkey farm, located just up the road in Lowndes County.

Starts at 21:57 – Talk about diversification… 4R Farms specializes in livestock that’s wriggly and tough to catch. And we’re not talking about greased pigs! The Geneva County farm is an angler’s dream with plenty of creepy, crawly worms.

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