Show 619 – Best of Unique Jobs

Episode 619 of Simply Southern features four folks who prove that working 9 to 5… or perhaps even more than that … doesn’t have to be a drag. It is possible to truly enjoy what you do for a living, although you may have to look hard to find the perfect niche.

Starts at 2:30 – Growing up on the farm, Hal Pate always knew he wanted to work with animals. He expected some pretty large patients, including horses and cows, but doctoring pachyderms and panthers wasn’t on his radar until getting a call from the Montgomery Zoo.

Starts at 9:09 – Cowboys are an integral part of a rodeo, and just as important is the rodeo clown. While you might think they’re there to keep the crowd laughing, rodeo clowns play an important role in keeping cowboys safe from the buckin’ broncos and bulls. As a second-generation rodeo clown, Trent McFarland knows that life very well. Plus, his second career as an emergency room nurse means he has skills to help patch up cowboys’ cuts and bruises.

Starts at 16:18 – If you have big aspirations, why stop at just one career? Meet a man who teaches high school agriculture and fills up his free time with jobs as a preacher and a farmer.

Starts at 23:47 – How many little boys dream of becoming a real cowboy once they grow up? Well, Bruce Brannen is proof positive that those dreams can become a reality.

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