Show 618 – Best of Inspirational

Episode 618 of Simply Southern highlights the most inspirational stories we’ve shared over six seasons from folks who have overcome adversity to those who have devoted their life’s work to helping others.

Starts at 2:30 – Food is one of the basic necessities in life, and it bonds two restauranteurs on opposite sides of the state. At Drexell & Honeybees in Brewton, owner Lisa McMillan serves up tasty, warm meals daily and doesn’t charge anyone a dime. The restaurant runs entirely off of donations. In Huntsville, Cynthia Shea Hart is training food industry workers for promising careers through her popular restaurant, CynShea’s.

Starts at 9:22 – David Wright grew up on the family farm and always planned to follow in his father’s footsteps. But at a young age, he lost his right arm in a farm accident. This put him at a crossroads. He could use the disability as an excuse or continue to work hard to achieve his dreams. David chose the latter, becoming a successful farmers in the greenhouse and nursery industry.

Starts at 15:54 – John Croyle had a vision of helping children who needed a stable, secure family. Built on a foundation of faith, his vision became Big Oak Ranch with locations in St. Clair and Etowah counties. The ministry has been changing lives since 1974.

Starts at 22:46 – Showing dairy cows is a family tradition for the Traylors of Randolph County. Sisters Shelby and Sarah often compete against one another in the ring. It may seem an ordinary feat, but it’s truly remarkable considering Shelby was born with spina bifida. Doctors never expected her to walk, much less guide 900-pound calves around a show ring.

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