Rewind With RFD – Show 603

To start the show, Jim Allen heads to Orr Park in Montevallo for a visit with Tim Tingle. A former coal miner, Tim created quite a stir when he anonymously started carving dead trees in Orr Park back in 1993. Now that folks know he’s the man behind the carvings, the artistic community of Montevallo pays homage to his work with its annual Tinglewood Festival which centers around woodworking and wood carving.

Next up, Mary Wilson stops in the Alabama Clay shop near Wetumpka to see how the Stephens family creates its unique pottery pieces with swirls of white, red and orange.

Farming feeds Alabama, but with less than 2% of the country’s population actively involved in farming, lots of us have questions about how farmers grow their crops nowadays. Kevin Worthington visits Lee County farmer Garrett Dixon who answers questions submitted by our viewers, including:

  • How do you decide each year what crops to grow?
  • I always see what appears to be a lot of cotton left in the field after harvest. Is this waste or the fault of the way that it’s picked?
  • When growing crops like cotton how many acres are needed to have a full crop and what is the mature time from ground to mill?

Sidney Phelps of Bonnie Plants is back in the kitchen this week with a refreshing recipe for Herb Hummus. Fresh cilantro, basil and chives from your garden make this dip taste nice and fresh!

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