Show 613 – Best of Jim Allen

Show 613 is a tribute to co-host Jim Allen as we share the best stories he’s reported on during his five-and-a-half seasons with the show!

Dusty sun-baked burgs teeming with lawless desperados and steely eyed marshals upholding the law certainly sounds more like the Wild West than it does Alabama’s Wiregrass. But this great state is full of surprises! Relive the time when Jim Allen moseyed down to Old Town in the Geneva County portion of Dothan and helped wrangle up some bandits!

The working dog is a familiar figure in law enforcement, often celebrated for heroic acts in the line of duty. The increasing threat of terrorism at home and abroad has expanded the role and need for man’s best friend. In this segment, Jim Allen learns just how powerful a pup can be on a visit to AMK9 at Fort McClellan in Anniston. It’s a world-renowned organization that prepares these animals to protect and serve and experience first hand what separates them from the pack.

Farming is a tough way to make a living. But running a farm in a swamp? Some might call you crazy. But when the livestock gets up to 13 feet of scales and nasty, pointed teeth, well, that’s when you’ve got yourself a tourist attraction. Jim Allen is no stranger to endorphin-inducing reports, but Alligator Alley in Summerdale, Alabama might just take the cake…. and whatever other food those gators want to take, too.

Most everybody has a list of things they want to see or do while they’re still able. Maybe it’s a European excursion, or a hike through the Alaskan tundra…or maybe it’s a swan dive out the door of a perfectly good airplane! If you have a problem with vertigo, you might want to go water the plants or something because Jim Allen is about to take one very big step into the great outdoors.

We sure are going to miss seeing all of Jim’s antics and spending time with him in the Simply Southern TV studio. We’d love for y’all to comment with your well wishes for Jim or your favorite Jim moments from the show!

5 thoughts on “Show 613 – Best of Jim Allen

  1. Angie and Tony says:

    We really miss seeing Jim on the show! Apparently we missed the episode that told us he was leaving so we just found out! Wishing you well Jim but we definitely hate that you are gone from Simply Southern! Your fans from Talladega, Alabama.

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