Show 612 – 100 Things To Do In Alabama

It’s one of those goals many of us often daydream about… writing a book. Of course some people do more than just daydream. Jim Allen sits down with his co-host, Mary Johns Wilson, to discuss her new book – 100 Things To Do In Alabama Before You Die. If you’ve been following along with the show for a while and visiting some of the tourist locations we’ve featured, you likely have a leg up on checking off all the spots included in the book.

Speaking of 100 Things To Do In Alabama… one of the sites in the book sits in the middle of downtown Enterprise. The Boll Weevil Statue may well be the world’s only statue to an insect, and it turned 100 years old in 2019. Now, let there be no confusion – folks in Enterprise do not want the boll weevil stopping back in for a visit. Instead, the statue is a celebration of how the people of Enterprise banded together and found a solution to bring prosperity back to the area after the boll weevil decimated surrounding cotton farms.

Farm fresh strawberries are the harbinger of spring. But those flavorful red berries don’t just pop up out of the ground each year. Alabama farmers have to prepare and plant their strawberry beds months before harvest. Plus, they have to protect those fragile plants from frost during cold winters. Kevin Worthington visits three Alabama farms – Triple J Nursery in Hayden, Oakview Farms in Wetumpka and Aplin Farms in Dothan (Geneva County) – to show you have strawberries get from the field to your plate.

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