Show 601 – Shark Tooth Creek

A shark tooth washing up on shore probably isn’t too uncommon… unless you’re 200 miles from the nearest beach. You can find a slew of these fossil chompers at Shark Tooth Creek, just south of Aliceville in Greene County. Visitors are allowed to take home up to 10 of their favorite finds. Tours of Shark Tooth Creek are by appointment only.

A college class in glass artwork back in 1960 set Charles Adams on a career course. Alongside son David, he creates and sells one-of-a-kind stained glass pieces from his Adams Glass Studio in Pike County. Their nativities and cancer ribbon angels are some of their best sellers.

Farming is a rewarding career but it can also be dangerous. Around 30 grain bin entrapments are reported every year, and nearly half of those cases are fatal. Jackson County’s Jackie and George Loyd might have added to that statistic last year were it not for the fortuitous donation of a grain rescue tube and trained emergency workers.

Sidney Phelps is back in the studio to answer questions submitted by our viewers, including:

  • We’ve tried for three years to grow zucchini. They make male blossoms, but that’s it before they die. We’ve always grown them up north, but no luck here in Alabama. Please help.
  • A farmer friend in central Massachusetts had problems growing garlic last year. She followed her normal planting and watering schedule but used fresh horse manure as her fertilizer. What’s the reason it didn’t produce?

If you’d like to submit a vegetable or herb gardening question for Sidney, click here. If we use your question on the air, we’ll send you a Simply Southern TV gift package.

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