Show 526 – Best of Bama’s Best

It’s the end of season 5 with the Best of Bama’s Best! We’re taking it back to the very beginning of our contests with Bama’s Best Milkshake, which you can find at Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar in Opelika. Milkshake options range from classics like chocolate and vanilla to flavors you won’t find at most fast food joints like pineapple and banana. Pair it with a chili dog for the perfect meal that will take you back to simpler times.

A trip to one of Alabama’s beaches is sure to include great seafood. But along the road, you’ll find Bama’s Best Fried Chicken at The Chicken Shack in Luverne. They use a secret family recipe and specially designed fryers to cook up flavorful, salty friend chicken with just the right amount of crispy breading.

Breakfast is the most important meal to fuel your day, and you’ll find Bama’s Best Breakfast at Staggs Grocery in Florence. It’s a relatively simple menu with eggs, omelettes, breakfast meats, toast and biscuits, and the staff has perfected each item. A regional favorite, Staggs serves Chocolate Gravy and Biscuits every Friday… and now every Wednesday, too!

You might expect the Bama’s Best Peanut Butter Dessert to be served in a pie form, but it’s actually a cake! Montgomery’s Peggy McKinney has been baking up her crowd-pleasing Peanut Butter Fudge Cake for decades, and it’s become a favorite groom’s cake at weddings in the area. Folks have even driven from as far away as Louisiana and the Carolinas to pick up her signature dessert.

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