Rewind with RFD – Show 512

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in Alabama, Staggs Grocery in Florence is the best place to fill your belly in the morning hours. Staggs won the title of Bama’s Best Breakfast in our Facebook contest.

Layered cakes are a real treat with that extra layer of icing hiding inside. For the true icing lovers of the world, Dean’s Cake House is sure to please, because they don’t stop at just one ribbon of icing. Slide your fork through one of their signature seven-layer cakes, and you’ll find six more levels of icing!

Farming is a tough job, often requiring 18 to 20 hour days out in the field or with livestock. Over 150 Alabama farmers took some time away from their day job recently to travel to Washington, D.C., and meet with their elected officials. The reason? Because ensuring political leaders understand how policies and bills will impact agriculture is just as important as handling the farm chores.

You have gardening questions, and Sidney Phelps has answers. He’s back in the studio on this episode.

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