Show 516 – Berman Museum

Picture it: The warfront in North Africa during World War II. A U.S. OSS intelligence officer and a French national also working in intelligence. There’s a leak of important information. Concerns arise that one of these two may be the double agent. They must spy on each other. In a twist of fate, the two don’t discover any wrongdoings. Instead, they discover true love. They marry after the war and make their home in Anniston, Alabama.

The Berman Museum, established in 1996, displays the family’s art and historical collections, and Jim Allen gets a tour of this intriguing and interesting site.

For most eighth graders, the scope of jobs they could turn into a career is limited to what their parents and peers do. Through the Southeast Worlds of Work, a whole generation of middle-schoolers is being exposed to the vast array of career fields they could be employed in after high school. Students enjoy activities led by criminal justice and medical professionals, firefighters, linemen and cosmetologists, among others.

Former dairyman Mark Williams traded in his brown cows for a green thumb. He now grows plants on 10 acres at his Dairyland Nursery in Mobile County, where they specialize in curved topiaries.

Sidney Phelps of Bonnie Plants takes his gardening demonstrations on the road to the Alabama Farmers Federation’s Women’s Leadership Conference in Birmingham.

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