Alabama Farmers Cooperative and Alabama Farmers Federation are pleased to present the state’s first statewide network television show dedicated to agriculture and rural living. Simply Southern inspires and educates viewers about farming, food and gardening while entertaining with stories about innovative entrepreneurs, talented artisans, outstanding young people and Alabama’s hidden treasures.


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  1. A couple in Orville, Alabama, started out with a desire to help local farmers. They bought an old feed warehouse and started with a farmer’s market. In less than a year the farmer’ market has expanded to include a store and a restaurant. Check out the Farmer’s Market in Orville, Alabama. We think it would make a great story! Ph 334-996-8301


  2. I’m having trouble finding a episode I was in on or around 4 17 I was the lineman who was building the fiber for tombigbee power. climbing the power pole , working out of a bucket truck. could you send me a copy or link to this episode? thank you Benjamin Gray


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