11 thoughts on “Welcome to Simply Southern TV

  1. Huntsville has changed its time of airing Simply Southern from 6:00 a.m. Sunday until 9:00 a.m. I am not able to be home at 9:00 a.m. due to church so I try to watch the show on the Simply Southern.net, but there seems not to be any new shows from season 3. Am I missing something? I do watch the show and enjoy it very much, please help.


    1. Ramsey,
      If you check out the website, you should be able to see the latest show that aired yesterday (Show #307). You were doing everything right. We just had not had a chance to update the site. We will try to do better about that. Thanks so much for watching!


  2. Michael,
    First, thanks for watching the show! We always love feedback from viewers. The print you are seeing on the set was a commissioned painting by Alabama artist Jack Deloney. It’s called “Harvest At Home.” Unfortunately, Mr. Deloney has retired from painting and has closed his studio. They only way, at this point, to find a Deloney painting or print is to visit third-party sites (Ebay, Amazon, etc.). Sorry about that. Thanks again for watching!


  3. We are a huge fan of locally produced programing of various States such as Kentucky, Texas, and of course Alabama. Kentucky has Bluegrass and Backroads, Texas has Texas Country Reporter, and you have Simply Southern. There may be others that we are not aware of and wish we were.
    My comment is this: Like the other shows I mentioned, could you be more explicit in explaining where your segments are within the state, not just the county. The other shows have a map showing the location in the beginning of each segment. It make viewers more aware. We have lived in each of the mention states and it makes it easier to digest knowing the locale. States like KY has 120 counties, it would be impossible to remember each of them. Texas has 254 with Alabama having 67.

    Thank you for listening, Jack.


  4. Would like for you to visit Blue Ribbon Dairy at 5290 Chane Creek Rd. Tllassee, Al. 36078 Owner Makalia Sanders. Newly opend, Ribbon Cutting is on March 16. At 12.00. She milks the cows and sells the milk. Has a smll farm store. I think this would make a great story. Than you very much for your consideration.


  5. I can’t find where to vote in your contest.I was wanting to cast a vote for Rays .I can’t imagine another place being better for a great Southern breakfast. Thanks for reconsider of Rays .It is great.


    1. Thanks so much for your interest in the show. Any of the “Bama’s best…” contests are held on our Facebook page. Just go to Facebook.com/simplysoutherntv.


  6. watching your show on jan. 6th about catfish. though you would like to know the first person to raise catfilsh in alabama was robert ‘catfish’ lindsay of the bethel com. in dale county he passed away in 1984 like watching your show


  7. I record and watch your show. I really enjoy the different segments. How about a segment on “cataba” worms. I am fascinated by them and find that a lot of people are not aware of their story. (They must not be from around here!) Teehee


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